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Diabetes can take a serious toll on your body and your quality of life, but working with a skilled physician can give you the tools and support needed to manage diabetes. Pompeyo Chavez, MD, serves that role for many people serving Bastrop, Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. If you’re searching for a more effective way to control your blood sugar and live your best possible life, schedule a visit with Dr. Chavez by phone or online to learn more about his approach to diabetes management.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by excess blood sugar. To understand the condition, it helps to think about how your body converts food to energy.

Every time you eat your body converts much of that food into glucose, a form of sugar. Glucose travels through your blood to various organs and tissues, delivering the energy and nutrients where they’re needed.

In order for glucose to enter each cell, a hormone called insulin must be present. Diabetes occurs when your body does not manufacture sufficient insulin.

There are two main types of diabetes. People with Type 1 have an immune disorder that causes their immune system to attack the cells in the pancreas that create insulin. Type 2 diabetes is far more common. People with this form of diabetes either don’t manufacture enough insulin or can’t make proper use of the insulin that is produced.

Why is diabetes such a dangerous medical condition?

When your cells can’t accept glucose, that glucose becomes trapped in your bloodstream. That places a strain on organs throughout your body and can cause numerous health issues.

If you have diabetes, you’re at an elevated risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Eye health problems
  • Foot health problems
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Nerve damage
  • Cognitive issues
  • Depression

Managing diabetes is the best way to reduce these risks and live an active and healthy life.

What can I do to manage my diabetes?

Dr. Chavez takes a holistic approach to manage diabetes. For many, insulin therapy is a necessary part of that process. Insulin is self-administered via daily injections or a special medical pump.

There are also oral medications that can help manage diabetes. Dr. Chavez teaches you how to monitor your blood glucose which allows you to track your progress and know when medication may be needed.

There are many lifestyle modifications that can help people with Type 2 diabetes manage blood sugar and avoid widespread health issues. Following a nutritious, healthy diet where you monitor your carbohydrate intake is an important tool for controlling your blood sugar.

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a big part of that process and an area where Dr. Chavez offers full support and medical management. Increasing your physical activity is also important.

If you’re concerned about diabetes management, book a visit with Dr. Chavez at Pompeyo C Chavez, MD to discuss how his approach might be a good match for your specific set of needs. You can book online or call to speak with a member of the administrative staff.