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Got Pet Allergies? Here's How You Can Still Love Fido Without Sacrificing Your Health

Got Pet Allergies? Here's How You Can Still Love Fido Without Sacrificing Your Health

Some doctors might tell you to simply get rid of your pet if you’re allergic, but those medical practitioners obviously don’t understand that your pet is part of your family.

At the concierge-style medical practice MDVIP at Premier Family Physicians in Bastrop, Texas, Dr. Pompeyo Chavez will ensure that you and your pet will be given all due consideration as a plan is created to help you manage your allergies and still enjoy the companionship of your best friend.

Tips for living with a dog when you have pet allergies 

You can still live comfortably with your loyal companion, even with pet allergies. Just follow these tips to enjoy time with your dog without having a severe reaction.

Book your allergy tests

Determining exactly what you are allergic to can help. It might not be your dog at all! Having allergy testing done can alert you to any allergies you may have so you can take control of your body’s immune response.

Get your dog groomed regularly

Some people think they can just buy a “hypoallergenic” dog, but the truth is it’s not the shedding of fur that is the issue; most people are allergic to pet dander, which is their skin. If you have your pet groomed regularly, it can cut down on dandruff getting into your home.

Give them their own bed

Sometimes you wanna cuddle, but don’t do it where you sleep. That’s just too much exposure for hours while you’re out like a light, and your body doesn’t need to be fighting off a reaction while you’re recharging. Teaching your dog to sleep in their own bed can reduce your exposure. 

Use antihistamines 

Basic OTC antihistamines may do the job, or Dr. Chavez may prescribe you a stronger option. Take these as directed and you’ll see your symptoms reduced. If you have a history of severe reactions, you may also carry a rescue inhaler.

Rinse with saline

If your allergy symptoms are mostly nasal, irrigating with saline can help flush away irritants and provide additional relief. Make sure to talk to your doctor and only use approved methods and sterile water to irrigate your sinuses.

Following these tips can help you enjoy your pet without suffering from daily allergic reactions. If you want to know more about allergy testing and treatment for you or another family member, contact our office at 512-262-4699 or book an appointment online today.

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